The Keppel Henge Analemmatic Sundial

This 6 meter wide analemmatic sundial is located about 40 meters east of Keppel Henge, which is visible in the background of this photo. To use this unique type of sundial, you step right into it — you become the gnomon and your own shadow indicates the time! The hours are indicated by marker stones set into a large ellipse. The central part of the sundial is called a date scale and is marked off in the 12 months of the year.

The Date Scale

A person using the sundial simply matches the current date with its location on the date scale, and stands at that spot with their back to the sun. Their shadow then falls across the hour stones and gives the time — with surprising accuracy!

The photo above was taken in mid-November, so Steve is standing near the lower end of the date scale, midway through the November square.

Mosaic Detail

The hour stones and the date scale are surrounded by colourful ceramic mosaics. This type of sundial is a good example of how art and science can be closely interrelated, rather than isolated from each other.

Ceramic plaque

A ceramic plaque, mounted on a post, gives visitors instructions on how to tell time with the sundial.

An analemmatic sundial can be any size, from tiny to huge and would make an interesting addition to any garden, public square or landscaping project. If you would like to read the details of how this analemmatic sundial was designed and constructed, then follow this link to Sundial Page Two.

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