Pinhole photography

On this page we make a top for the camera, and refine the to opening so that it seals out any stray light. We also make the opening in the front of the camera for the pinhole.

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step five
Step five Attach another slab to the top of the camera body. Later, you'll have to make a large opening in the top for a lid, but make a smaller rough-cut hole in the top at this stage. This rough hole will make it easier to reach inside the camera to attach the upper slab, and to shape the slab into a slight dome. Cut off the excess clay around the edge of the slab after you have attached it.

step six
Step six Carefully centre the camera body on the wheel again and open out the hole to a diameter that will make it easy for you to reach inside the camera. Try to make this opening as even as possible so that you can have a tight fitting lid.

step seven
Step seven Carefully measure the opening in the top of the camera, and then throw a lid on the wheel to fit the opening.

step eight
Step eight Make an opening in the front of the camera for the placement of the metal pinhole disk. This opening should be large enough so that it is clear of the pinhole, and doesn't cause vignetting. A little lid (sort of like a shutter) will have to fit tightly in this opening, so try to make it as even and round as possible. I find it helps to use a little plastic lid as a guide to help get the opening even.

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