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Pleiades, Hyades, Venus and Moon

Pleiades, Hyades, Venus and Moon, April 19, 2007. This tranquil scene from the shore of Georgian Bay shows a brilliant Venus and a thin crescent Moon. The Moon looks full because of "Earthshine" reflecting in the shadow regions. A close look also reveals the Pleiades star cluster to the lower right of the Moon, and the Hyades star cluster (the V-shape that makes the horns of the constellation Taurus) to the lower left of Venus.

The Pleiades and Hyades have both been known since ancient times, and they were first mentioned in literature over 2,700 years ago.

This photograph was featured on the SkyNews website. It was also selected as a 2007 Editor's Choice Award Winner by SkyNews Magazine (Sept/Oct '07 issue).

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