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Transit of Venus

The Transit of Venus. For the first time since 1882 the planet Venus made a transit — passed directly in front — of the Sun on June 8, 2004. From where I live in southern Ontario, the transit was in progress as the Sun rose on that morning. I had my solar filtered telescope set up on the wharf at Big Bay with several friends and neighbours along to enjoy the rare view. This day also happened to be the 30th wedding anniversary for my wife Joan and myself, and our friends had a little surprise celebration for us on the beach after the transit — a memorable morning!

Venus is about the same size as Earth, and the photograph shows it as it is about to complete the transit. A small cloud briefly covered part of the sun as this photograph was taken. Venus transits occur as pairs, separated by eight years, followed by over a century without a transit. The next transit of Venus after this one was on June 5, 2012, and the one following that will be in December 2117.

Here's a link to my June 5th 2012 transit photograph.

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