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Two Planets, a Moon, and a Star

Two Planets, a Moon, and a Star, July 16, 2007. A quiet evening on Georgian Bay. The brilliant object on the left, above the horizon is Venus. To the right of Venus is a young crescent Moon, with Earthshine lighting up its shadow regions. To the right of the Moon is another planet, Saturn. Forming a scalene triangle above Venus and the Moon is the bright star, Regulus. Regulus is in the constellation Leo, and it is often used with a few of the sky's other bright stars as a sort of guide post for finding ones way around the night sky. Its name means prince in Latin.

This photograph was featured on the SkyNews Magazine website, and on The World At Night website.

During the first half of 2007 Venus made some dramatic alignments with other planets, the Moon, and star clusters. This grouping on July 16th marked the end of the show, with Venus diving down towards the horizon during the rest of July and early August, emerging as a morning jewel in early September.

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