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Moon, Venus, Mars, ISS

Moon, Venus, Mars, and the ISS, Sept. 10, 2015. I got up before the Sun on this late summer morning, and drove ten minutes to a favourite spot overlooking Georgian Bay. I was looking forward to seeing, and photographing a close pairing of the crescent Moon, and the planet Venus. The bright planet is about two degrees to the right of the Moon. An added bonus is the planet Mars, which shows as a small dot six degrees to the left of the Moon. What I wasn't expecting was that the International Space Station would also be gliding by overhead at the same time! It shows as the streak of light to the upper left of the Moon.

The photograph was taken at 6:02 a.m. EDT. There's a serene beauty to nature at this time of day as the landscape slowly comes back to life after the night.

This photograph was featured on the Astronomy Magazine and SkyNews Magazine websites.

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