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The Transit of Mercury, May 9, 2016. We had clears skies for the start to finish of Mercury's transit. I was clouded out for the previous one ten years earlier, so it was a real pleasure to follow along for the full seven and a half hours as diminutive Mercury passed in front of the Sun.

I set up my hydrogen-alpha solar telescope on our front lawn. It was interesting to compare this transit with the transits of Venus in 2008 and 2012. I was lucky to observe both of them. Mercury seems tiny by comparison. Not only is Mercury about two and a half times smaller than Venus in diameter, it is also much farther away from Earth. None the less, it gave a unique perspective and appreciation of our solar system.

Here's a link to my June 5th 2012 transit of Venus photograph for a comparison.

This photograph is featured on the SkyNews Magazine website.

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