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Lunar Eclipse

Lunar Eclipse above Chantry Island, August 28, 2007. This lunar eclipse was a real pleasure to watch, sitting on a beach next to Lake Huron. Chantry Island is located about a kilometer off shore from Southampton, Ontario. This photograph was taken at around 6:08 a.m. EDT, when the Moon was well into its totality phase. Sunrise was only about a half an hour away, and the Moon was rapidly heading towards the horizon. It would set while still totally eclipsed.

Here is another photo of the lunar eclipse taken about fifteen minutes earlier.

And here is a sequence of lunar eclipse photos taken leading up to the above image.

The stone lighthouse on Chantry Island began operations in 1859, and it has been working every day since. The island is a bird sanctuary, and the view from the top of the lighthouse is memorable.

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