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Lunar Eclipse

Lunar Eclipse, August 28, 2007. This lunar eclipse was a real pleasure to watch, sitting on a beach next to Lake Huron. The first noticeable stage of the eclipse started at around 4:50 a.m. EDT, with totality starting at around 5:50 a.m. This photograph was taken just a few minutes after the onset of totality, as the Moon slipped fully into the Earth's shadow.

Dawn was beginning to brighten the sky, and for my location in southern Ontario the eclipsed Moon actually set in the west during totality as the Sun rose in the east. The coppery red colour of the Moon comes from sunlight being refracted through the Earth's atmosphere into our planet's shadow — countless sunrises and sunsets fringing the Earth's silhouette as seen from the Moon. Even our local sunrise would have contributed a little bit of colour to the eclipse!

Here is another photo of the lunar eclipse taken about fifteen minutes later, with Chantry Island in the middle distance.

And here is a sequence of lunar eclipse photos taken during the event.

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