Steve Irvine
Welcome to my web site.

I started making pottery 47 years ago, and I've been earning my living as a full-time potter for the past 41 years.

The work that I make is mostly functional stoneware, but I don't have a set line of work that is made on a production basis. I prefer to let forms and surfaces develop and evolve from firing to firing. I hope you'll find some interesting images and informative text.

Pouring vessel
I like a lively, colourful surface on my work and I spend a fair bit of time doing glaze research to find new, interesting glazes to work with.

This wheel thrown and hand built stoneware pouring vessel was fired to cone ten reduction, and it has copper glazes on the outside. There is a saturated iron red glaze on the interior.

Stoneware vase
This stoneware vase stands about 27 cm tall, and was made through a combination of assembled thrown parts. It has two different copper glazes on the outside, plus black accents on the rim and feet.

Stoneware jar
A large jar, it was made by altering a thrown body, and adding a hand built upper section. It has a combination of copper, and manganese crystal glazes. This piece stands about 38 cm tall.

Stoneware jar
This stoneware jar stands about 30 cm tall. It was made through a combination of hand building and altered thrown parts. It was fired to cone ten reduction, and has a sprayed spodumene based glaze. I like the challenge of working out the form relationships of sculptural work.
Steve Irvine
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